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Under My Pillow Pediatric Dentistry is a pediatric dentist serving infants, children, teens, and kids with special needs in Cypress, TX and the surrounding cities of Bridge Land, Cypress Creek Lakes, and Towne Lake, TX.

9822 FRY RD, STE 120

Phone: 832-244-8999
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We Love What We Do

Our patients absolutely rave about us and it's easy to see why! See below for some of what our amazing fans are saying.

  • Popcorn 33 Avatar
    Popcorn 33
    7/02/2019 - Google

    Fantastic! My daughter has anxiety. They were very calm and sweet(I didn't even tell them about the anxiety). The atmosphere was a calming with calm colors instead of overstimulating like most kids dentist. We were in and out. We will definitely continue to go there! My daughter said it was the best cleaning she's ever had😊👍

    Erin Griffin Avatar
    Erin Griffin
    12/21/2019 - Google

    Dr. Grace and her team are excellent! Very professional and awesome with the kids. My son had a lot of work done and he didn’t feel a thing..no traumatized child here! I highly recommend them!

    Erica Pimentel Avatar
    Erica Pimentel

    My child has been going here since they opened. Before my child was always scared of the dentist and wouldnt let the dentist clean his teeth because previous pediatric dentist would hold him down and force him to brush his teeth. When we got here in his first cleaning he let dr grace clean his teeth and use all the proper dental equipment without hesitation. The area is open so the kids dont have to be in a room alone. As far as dental treatments go she has been very patient working with my son to convince him to get his procedure. She has lots of patience and i mean lots of it. My son is 6 and is a very difficult patient to deal with sometimes but she has the patience to work with him. Another thing is they dont force the children to get treatment done or strap them to a chair and force them unlike some pediatric dentist who like to strap the kids in the chair. The environment is good and dosent feel terrifying like some dental offices are. My child has had good experiences here and i will continue to take him here. If your looking for a patient DR to work with your children then i recommend this place.

  • Clear Crystal Avatar
    Clear Crystal
    7/31/2019 - Google

    I love this place... very friendly and helpful... my daughter also love them...

    Lauren Fulbright Avatar
    Lauren Fulbright
    3/15/2019 - Google

    After an extremely traumatic experience at a DIFFERENT dentist, I was so worried about taking my daughter to the dentist again. I cannot express how AMAZING the experience was with Dr. Grace. Every member of the staff was polite, friendly, patient, and caring. Dr. Grace went above and beyond my expectations! Her chair-side manner was calm and soothing, and she was tremendously patient and kind with my toddler. Do yourself a favor and take your children to this office!

    Nasi Hammons Avatar
    Nasi Hammons
    11/19/2019 - Google

    Dr. Grace and her staff are amazing!!! We took our 4-year-old son to UMPPD for a checkup/cleaning and we were told that he had several cavities that needed caps and a filling. Our initial plan of treatment was to start my son with the mild sedation to complete all the work that needed to be done. Unfortunately, he woke up during the process and the work was not able to get completed all at once. At that point, Dr. Grace recommended that we schedule him for an IV sedation in order to finish the work. I was, of course, nervous going down that path; so, we rescheduled another mild sedation appointment to finish the work. Although Dr. Grace did not recommend going down that path again, she was VERY patient with us and not pushy on our decision. We scheduled the second appointment and of course my son did not allow Dr. Grace to do anymore work on his teeth - our mistake! We should have listened to Dr. Grace the first time.

    We finally decided to go through with the IV sedation, although very nervous, everything worked out so great. It was hard seeing him go through all that, but Dr. Grace was very comforting that it made my worries go away. I really think she's an Angel and has been blessed with a gift to care for young children.

    The anesthesiologist was also great with him.

    Her staff is so AMAZING as well. Even when I got frustrated going back and forth, they were professional and kind with me. I TRUELY love this office and will be recommending them to everyone I know.

    Thank you again!!! My son is already back to his normal self 😊

  • Clear Crystal Avatar
    Clear Crystal
    7/31/2019 - Google

    I love this place... very friendly and helpful... my daughter also love them...

    Joyce and Joshua Ray Avatar
    Joyce and Joshua Ray
    2/19/2019 - Google

    My 6 year old developed white coat syndrome with dentists that is until we went to Under My Pillow. I have to force my son to leave after his appointment. They have plenty of cool games and toys and the dentist and her staff could not be any nicer. It's a bit of a hike for us to commute to the office from our home but it is so worth for him to have such a wonderful experience. Each time we have gone there is no wait and we are in and out in less than 30 minutes. We are both hooked!

    Crystal Vega Avatar
    Crystal Vega
    3/11/2019 - Google

    Dr. Grace and the entire staff are amazing people! I used to dread even the thought of taking my young son to the dentist, but luckily I did my research and I couldn't be any happier with our decision to bring him here. He loves it! From the moment we stepped foot in the office, we are greeted with all smiles at the front desk. The games/pad they have for the kiddos definitely help in keeping them happy and occupied. The wait time was next to none. Literally in and out within 45 min, give or take. The assistant,hygienist and doctor were so gentle and kind with him. He felt so comfortable and trusted them. That's huge being that he used to be so afraid of physicians due to an incident a couple years ago. They seemed happy to answer any questions I had along with giving me a few recommendations so we can prevent cavities from forming. He was really grateful for the prizes he received after his teeth cleaning as well! It's not too often you find a children's doctor/dentist who are REALLY all about the children or willing to go the extra mile just to see the kids smile. You get a strong sense they actually really care at this office and for that we are so very grateful to have found Under My Pillow

  • BigSister LittleBrother Avatar
    BigSister LittleBrother
    4/15/2019 - Google

    I love taking my kids here. They are so sweet with them and take away all of the fear of going to the dentist. I highly recommend this place... Take your kids!!!

    summer strickland Avatar
    summer strickland
    11/13/2019 - Google

    So easy to schedule. Front desk was pleasant and helpful. There is a coffee machine and iPads for your kids while you fill out and sign papers. The dentist was so great! She has a nice and warm personality and was just wonderful with the kids! (Ages 2 yr and 1.5 yr) then the kids get stickers and toothbrushes and gets to go to the prize wall at the end. Kids were so excited! Great place

    Jessica Taylor Avatar
    Jessica Taylor
    9/26/2019 - Google

    This is the best place ever. My children are catered to. Treated perfectly great dentist. Im blown away every timeI I've been coming to for years

  • Julia Aguilos Avatar
    Julia Aguilos
    10/16/2019 - Google

    My husband and I noticed our 2 year old daughter had her face swollen from a chipped tooth this morning. Dr. Grace and the wonderful and friendly team at Under My Pillow Pediatric Dentistry was able to schedule us in immediately for an exam of the area of the chipped tooth and she diagnosed an infection and immediately called a prescription in for an anti biotic to bring the swelling down and pain for our little girl.

    If you want a dentist that specializes in kids and genuinely cares about her patients which you can just feel and tell from the way she speaks and presents herself, Dr. Candace A Grace at Under My Pillow Pediatric Dentistry is the only place to go.

    Plus, the office is kid friendly and modern with an interactive floor arcade for the adults(ahem I meant kids), iPads, and television keeping our kids entertained the entire time. Also, they get a prize from their awesome wall of prize dispensers. Our 2 year old little girl and her 3 year old big brother didn’t want to leave. #1 kids dentist in Cypress and all of greater Houston!

    Francine Williams Avatar
    Francine Williams
    12/24/2019 - Google

    My children absolutely love Dr. Grace and her staff. Every visit is pleasant and my children love that they can watch television while getting their teeth cleaned. There’s never a wait and I appreciate that Dr. Grace allows me to bring all three of my children at the same time.

    John Contreras Avatar
    John Contreras
    1/26/2019 - Google

    This is the best dental office we’ve been to! EVER! It was our first visit today and the doctor was singing & very gentle and kind.
    The staff was just as nice as well.
    Thank you! I wish you more and more success

  • Kiashia Brown Avatar
    Kiashia Brown
    3/02/2020 - Google

    Everyone was so pleasant. It was a pleasant in and out experience. Happy with my dentist choice!

    Anthony amartin6268 Avatar
    Anthony amartin6268
    12/12/2016 - Google

    My three year old had an appointment on Saturday morning at 0800. The entire experience was as painless as possible for both him and I. They office is as kids friendly as you could imagine.

    When we arrived, my son gravitated to the interactive floor which had fish swimming underneath and it allowed him to jump on them to scare them away which he really enjoyed. Then he was offered an IPad to play with as we waited and I filled out our digital forms, which were also very easy.

    Dr. Grace was very calming for my son as he is shy, and she made the check up very comfortable experience for him. She did not rush him to get comfortable with the tools she was putting in his mouth.

    When we left my son was able to pick a prize out of the machines there and received a couple of stickers.

    Bottom line this experience was the complete package. I hope for Dr. Grace to have much success as I would like to have a long relationship with this location and Dentist.

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